How Paintless Dent Repair Works

PDR 101

Between road debris, shopping carts, and Minnesota’s inclement weather, your car’s exterior takes a lot of abuse. While you can do everything within your power to keep the vehicle clean, minor dents can make the most expensive vehicle look like junk. The best way to remove these blemishes is through the affordable process of paintless dent repair, provided by Lake Marion Collision in Lakeville, Minnesota. Here’s a brief look at how this service works.

Examine the Damage

To start the process of paintless dent repair, our technicians take a look at the dent(s) on the vehicle to see if it qualifies as one of the 90% of cases eligible for this service. For the best results, paintless repair should be done in areas where dents haven’t compromised the integrity of the paint. That eliminates some damage, like deep scratches, from being repaired with this method.

Remove Obstacles to Access the Dent

Because most dents are the result of inward pressure, the only way to fix them is by pushing out from the inside. To do this, technicians have to access the area behind the damage, which often involves removing body panels, taillights, and possibly even interior paneling.

Gently Remove the Blemish

Once our technicians access the dent from behind, the next step is to push it out until the affected area looks like new. It’s important to do this slowly with gentle pressure to avoid causing additional damage. While this service can often be done in one day, larger dents could necessitate a slower turnaround. With the blemish removed from the exterior, we finish by replacing any panels that were removed to gain access.

Restore Your Car’s Beauty

Now you know how paintless dent repair works, it’s time to take care of any nagging blemishes in your car’s exterior. At Lake Marion Collision, we have a staff of ASE Certified technicians, so you can trust us to fix your damage the right way every time. To schedule an appointment for your car or truck, use our easy online contact form or call the shop today at (952) 469-2277. We can’t wait to hear from you!